The recent “Altcoin

‘ href=””>altcoin-led blow-off top that sends crypto back into the troughs of a short-term Altcoin

‘ href=””>altcoin season to bring enormous gains in a matter of days once again. Life-changing wealth was generated, then lost as quickly as it arrived.

The spark to kick this off was supposed to be Bitcoin passing $20,000 but that feat came and went, and only now are altcoins popping off while Bitcoin has begun to downtrend. It has a top crypto trader “cautious” about a potential “blow-off top” in altcoins. And here’s why.

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Chainlink and Polkadot are beginning to eclipse Bitcoin | Source: BTCUSD on


‘ href=””>Altcoin price action continuing to fly while Bitcoin dives, could be a repeat of the conditions that caused the 2017 peak.

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If this is indeed the top, it might be bad for Bitcoin, but altcoins could have another two more weeks left of momentum and gains before the blow-off top is complete and the rest of the crypto market turns around.

Is this trader right to be cautious? Or is