As the post-pandemic financial markets stand on shaky ground, further worsened by the economic slowdown faced by almost all the nations has driven people to rethink their investment choices. As people look for more stable investments, non-traditional platforms like iTrustCapital have started to gain more attention.

iTrustCapital, the leading alternative investment platform specializing in cryptocurrency and gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) has reported a significant change in investment trends in 2020 as it achieved a milestone 10,000+ transactions. The platform attributes its latest achievement to investors switching their traditional securities focused 401(k) and IRA retirement accounts to alternative investment choices like Bitcoin and Gold.

Commenting on Wall Street’s failure to in guaranteeing financial security, iTrustCapital Director of Client Experience Anthony Bertolino III said, “Clients are increasingly frustrated with Wall Street and traditional financial institutions… They feel existing investment services do not have their best interests in mind. When they ask traditional firms about investing in Bitcoin and physical gold through their retirement accounts, their requests usually fall on deaf ears with these firms typically offering only mutual funds and bonds.”

Physical gold has always been preferred as a store of value and medium of exchange due to its intrinsic worth. Recently, Bitcoin joined the ranks as Digital Gold as it doesn’t have any direct correlation with the traditional financial instruments. The current economic scenario has again renewed interest in these two assets as people try to insulate their investments as well as savings from losing value.

iTrustCapital has exhibited strong growth in a very short time. Founded in 2018 by a team of highly experienced professionals, iTrustCapital has created a new class of financial services for investors who are potentially underserved by traditional firms. The financial platform was officially launched in late 2019, to soon become one of the go-to places for clients willing to diversify their assets outside the traditional financial system.

“We have built the world’s first IRA platform that not only gives clients the ability to invest in the fastest-growing asset class – crypto assets – but also the robust and reliable investment choice of physical gold,” said Bertolino.

Over the last six months, iTrustCapital has witnessed a surge in its average portfolio size which grew from $21,000 in January to over $39,000 in August. The platform allows its clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as well as physical gold in real-time, round the clock through their retirement accounts.

“One of the reasons clients feel comfortable with us is that we make security and storage of assets our number one priority,” said Bertolino, concurring with iTrustCapital’s founder and COO Blake Skadron’s view that the steady growth in portfolio size is due to increased familiarity and acceptability of alternative assets among clients. Investors are also realizing the reliability of technology enabling investments in alternative assets, and the security offered by platforms like iTrustCapital in these stressful times.