Bitcoin is clearly at a pivotal point in its current market cycle. But market cycles aren’t always obvious as to what might occur, even if the when happens to become more clear with time.

In the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, Decembers are particularly notable, culminating in most of the asset’s tops and bottoms. With the all-important month now here, and Bitcoin at a potential inflection point something significant could be brewing.

Crypto Analyst Reveals Compelling Bitcoin Cycle Theory

In 2017, Bitcoin’s bull run and meteoric rise – as the mainstream media dubbed it – came to a climax in December of that year. December 2018 is when Bitcoin set its Coin

‘ href=””>coin and the mythical bird can be seen rising on the cover of The Economist in 1988, where the magazine predicts the coming of a new world currency will come by the year 2018.

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The Satoshi

‘ href=””>Satoshi Nakamoto on October 31, 2008 – essentially making Bitcoin a Scorpio and eventually a Phoenix by birthright.

The information above proves nothing at all and could be construed as pure coincidence, but with so much of Gann’s time-based theories and tools matching up with Bitcoin so perfectly, and his analysis being based on little more than math (geometry) and time, could there possibly be more to it?

And because math (computer code) and time (the halving and block confirmations) are so crucial to the anatomy of the first-ever cryptocurrency, could there be some type of undeniable connection between the asset and astrology? Appropriately, only time will tell.

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