Market Wrap: Here’s Why Ether’s Price Has Jumped 65% So Far This Year

Ether is outperforming bitcoin in 2020 but has lower liquidity and different technical dynamics than the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stuck in High $9K Range as Stocks Soar on Powell Comments

Bitcoin treaded water in the high $9,000 range Monday as stocks rallied and traders wondered when the cryptocurrency would break five digits again.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips as Stock Markets Close Lower on the Week

Bitcoin attempted to recover from a price dip on Friday as global stock indexes end the week lower.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin’s Price Up 12% Since the Halving

Bitcoin has seen double-digit gains in price since the halving. Institutional investors doing more trading in crypto options on CME is a sign of...

Market Wrap: Some Miners Face an Uncertain Future Despite Rising Bitcoin Price

A slowly rising bitcoin price might not help some miners run profitable operations now that the halving is in the past.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin’s Price Is Rising Despite a Dull Halving

Based on the rise of daily active bitcoin addresses, the highest number since 2018, interest could continue now that the halving is complete.

Market Wrap: Where Does Bitcoin Go After the Halving?

With the highly anticipated bitcoin halving reducing new mining supply, what are crypto traders thinking about upcoming market behavior?

Market Wrap: Bitcoin at $9.9K as Halving Chatter Increases

Bitcoin’s price keeps gaining as people increasingly talk about the halving - but the event’s potential after-effects may be considered an afterthought for many...

Bitcoin Pulls Away From Stock Market as Price Staying Above $8,000 Signals Strength –...

Bitcoin (BTC) staying above $8,000 is a sign of increasing momentum and detachment from the stock market beta-pull, according to Bloomberg senior analyst Mike...

Market Wrap: Derivatives May Reduce Miner Selling Pressure After Bitcoin Halving

The crypto derivatives market is helping to hedge the uncertainty on which way the bitcoin market will go when miners have less revenue post-halving.

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