80% of Crypto Trade Volume Tracked by Blockchain Surveillance

Ever since governments worldwide started showing adversity toward cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, a few startups have dedicated their business model to blockchain surveillance. Two weeks...

Where US Regulators Stand on Cryptocurrency

The U.S. has many regulators responsible for overseeing different aspects of crypto assets, each with its own stance on how they should be regulated....

French Central Banker: The World Needs to Standardize Crypto Regulations

A French central banker is calling for a global regulatory framework on crypto assets.

Telegram Awaits Court Hearing on SEC Case Against Its Token Sale

Telegram, the most popular messenger in the crypto community, is facing challenges surrounding the launch of its TON blockchain. Following an intervention by the...

Europol Predicts Rise of ‘Criminal’ Crypto Exchanges in Digital Underground

Is the current industry landscape, where centralized exchanges dominate cryptocurrency trading volumes, about to change in the coming years? Europol predicts that international regulatory...

Indian Supreme Court Postpones Crypto Case to November, New Date Confirmed

The Supreme Court of India has set a new date to resume hearing the arguments against the crypto banking restrictions by the Reserve Bank...

US Treasury Secretary: Regulatory Fears Forced Libra Exodus

U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said backers of Facebook’s Libra withdrew from the project, fearing it would not meet regulatory standards.

SEC Draws on Investor Communications to Halt Telegram Token Launch

To justify halting the launch of Telegram's blockchain project, the Securities and Exchange Commission relied heavily on communications obtained from investors.

More Nations Join the Club of Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions

Regulatory barriers are a major concern for businesses working with decentralized assets. Not all governments, however, are putting obstacles in front of crypto companies....

Dutch National Bank Says Gold Can Re-Start Economy in Case of Total Collapse

An article found on the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) website has surprised many in the crypto space, with its bold claim that “If the...

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