Privacy Laws Are Only as Effective as the Companies Implementing Them

Sometimes the very laws meant to enforce privacy can result in companies sharing it.

When Corporations Violate Privacy, They Do Concrete Harm

There are tangible safety implications to consumer privacy violations, says Lindsey Barrett of Georgetown Law.

US Department of Justice Is Criminalizing Onchain Privacy, Starting With Mixers

The American government’s long-running war on privacy escalated this week following the arrest of Coin Ninja’s Larry Harmon on money laundering charges. A Department...

US DOJ Calls Bitcoin Mixing ‘a Crime’ in Arrest of Software Developer

The arrest of Larry Harmon for an alleged connection to AlphaBay raises major questions: Do bitcoiners have a right to build privacy tech?

Could a Digital Dollar Compete on Privacy? Fed Chairman Powell Hints It Might

Fed Chairman Powell has given financial privacy advocates a glimmer of hope – and hinted at how the U.S. might competitively position a digitized...

You Can Privately Cash out Bitcoin on These P2P Exchanges – for a Premium

Using P2P exchanges to cash out bitcoin provides privacy, but it comes with a premium – a price premium, to be precise. Whether you’re...

Why We Need a Federal Privacy Law

Mutale Nkonde, a Harvard researcher, argues the US should pass a privacy law modeled on California's new CCPA.

Aztec Launches Privacy Network on Ethereum

Users will be able to create private assets using the protocol.

US Politicians Want to Ban End-to-End Encryption on Messaging Services like Telegram and Whatsapp

Under the guise of fighting against online child pornography, American politicians are trying to effectively ban end-to-end encryption on all communication technology platforms for...

Another Crypto Exchange Discourages the Use of Bitcoin Mixing Services

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance was recently scrutinized for flagging a customer’s funds because the individual had used a bitcoin mixing application. Now the platform...

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