From DeFi to DeOps: How Public Blockchains Could Supplement ERP Systems

As DeFi does away with middlemen in finance, "DeOps" could reduce the need for intermediaries in large-scale supply systems.

DeFi Still Needs a Silk Road Moment

Adoption by criminal enterprises is evidence of the product/market fit for censorship-resistant tech and an indicator of whether innovation will see usage in the...

Cryptocurrency Is Just a Minor Threat to the State

States still have the armies, the police and – on a good day anyway – democratic legitimacy. All of that still matters, and...

Decentralized Data Storage’s Only Competition Is the Public Cloud

Ben Golub, CEO of Storj, sends a complimentary note to Filecoin. Competition is good and so is countering the extreme concentration of cloud...

CEXs vs. DEXs: The Future Battle Lines

The future will see DEXs challenge centralized exchanges by finally separating custody and exchange, says the co-founder of IDEX.

The Digital Archipelago: How to Build an Internet Where Communities Thrive

Technology exists to serve people. Today, the situation is nearly reversed. Each of us is just propping up an engagement graph somewhere.

The Standard About to Revolutionize Payments

Changing the standard way financial institutions communicate changes everything.

Crypto Is Too Dependent on Dollars

With most stablecoins pegged to dollars, the crypto industry is wedded to a single currency with uncertain prospects. Time to diversify.

The Biggest Story in Crypto: The Stablecoin Surge and Power Politics

Nic Carter appears on our new Opinionated podcast to discuss the $20 billion stablecoin phenomenon and its implications for the global financial system.

DeFi Mania Proves We Learned Nothing From the ICO Run-Up

DeFi is making money out of nothing but other people's misery. Five thousand years of history tell us how this tale will end.

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