Sweden’s Central Bank Finally Embraces DLT, but Only in Simulation Mode

Riksbank's e-krona pilot will run on distributed ledger tech, but the entire project will be operated as only a simulation through at least 2021.

Alleged Crypto Capital Operator Faces New Wire Fraud Charge

Reginald Fowler, an alleged operator of Crypto Capital, was indicted on wire fraud Friday, adding to four previous charges he already faced.

Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Crypto Integration Would Be ‘Completely Insane’

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said Friday he has not seen a crypto use case convincing enough to integrate one into the platform.

Blockchain Privacy Project Enigma Slapped with SEC Fine for 2017 ICO

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is still working its way through a backlog of enforcement actions related to the cryptoeconomy, at least...

BCH Funding Debate: Developers Plan to Launch IFP-Free Version of Bitcoin ABC

On February 19, a group of well known software developers announced the launch of a new Bitcoin Cash full node with the Infrastructure Funding...

Ireland Seizes Bitcoin Stash Worth $56M in Criminal Forfeiture Ruling

Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) seized 6,000 BTC from a Dublin resident who was accused of growing cannabis on property located in the Wicklow...

Virgin Galactic Stock Is Skyrocketing, Will Take Bitcoin to Shoot You Into Space

Virgin Galactic is one of the leading ventures in the emerging private space race alongside companies such as Spacex. However, it is being compared...

8 Tips for Getting the Most out of Crypto Telegram

For news, gossip, FUD, FOMO, charts, bots, and project updates, crypto Telegram is where it’s at. The beating heart of the crypto community resides...

Morgan Stanley Buys E*Trade in $13B Deal

Morgan Stanley is acquiring E*Trade for $13 billion, hoping to target its 5.2 million-strong client base.

The IRS is Calling Upon Crypto’s Upper Echleon Amid U.S. Crackdown

It appears the United States isn’t kidding when it comes to cracking down on crypto. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the tax-enforcing agency for the...

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