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Pizza Day, A Day Of Regret And Fantasy

As we enter the Bitcoin holiday weekend, it’s a good time to reflect on the incentives that lead us to celebrate Pizza Day.

Bitcoin Gives Users Total Control Of Their Money

Knowing that I control my money is a type of peace of mind that cannot be provided by a fully “stable” monetary good controlled...

A Blessing From Dr. Jordan Peterson At Bitcoin 2022

Dr. Jordan Peterson discussed how Bitcoin’s incorruptible store of value is essential for psychological well-being.A group of 700 Bitcoiners came together in...

Bitcoin Songsheet: Wind And Solar Are The Altcoins Of Energy

A misdirection of resources and an obstruction of progress, wind and solar energy reflect the same distracting qualities of altcoins.Wind and solar...

How To Lock And Protect Away Secret Files With GNU Privacy Guard

Users can take advantage of the cryptographic protection offered by GPG to secure files and data that they want to keep well under wraps.

Reminder: Withdraw Your Bitcoin Off Exchanges

Needless to say, as it stands today and has stood since the first bitcoin exchange was launched, your bitcoin is not safe on the...

Why Use An Air-Gapped Computer (AGC) For Bitcoining?

Use of an air-gapped computer improves general operational security relative to the exposure other devices experience.I get many questions about this so...

Bitcoin Mining Hash Price Hits Multi-year Lows

As hash rate and energy costs grow, bitcoin mining becomes less profitable and equipment is less cost-effective which impacts mining companies.The below...

Bitcoin Is Venice: Sustaining The Unsustainable

Bitcoin can repair the broken incentive systems created by finance and low interest rates that lead to unsustainable practices. ...

The Future Of Energy Markets According To Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin 2022 offered us a glimpse into bitcoin miners’ crystal ball, as they discussed how the industry will impact the energy grid.Most...

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