Market Wrap: As Stocks Rally, Bitcoin Trades Above $9.3K for the First Time in...

Equities continue to beat bitcoin’s performance, but everything is making gains Monday.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Traders Expect Big Move as Volatility Plummets

Bitcoin volatility drops to historic lows as the cryptocurrency stays just above $9,000.

US Real Estate Market Crisis: 4.3 Million Mortgage Delinquencies, Commercial Properties Sink in Value

The U.S. economy continues to look bleak as the American citizens and small businesses nationwide struggle to keep up with the government’s rules toward...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $9K as Market Struggles With Uncertainty

After a quick dip in the crypto market, bitcoin is holding steady amid precariousness in the options market and the greater economic picture.

Market Wrap: A Sea of Red Across Markets as Bitcoin Drops to $9.2K

Bitcoin experienced a dip on Wednesday, but equities and other assets also dropped on an uncertain economic outlook.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Trading Flat, Holding at $9.6K

Trading volume in the crypto market weakened Tuesday but bitcoin is still holding strong from a recent rally.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Spot Volumes Are Weak While Options and DeFi Strengthen

Lower bitcoin spot volumes and flatter-than-usual price action doesn’t mean crypto traders have zero opportunities to capitalize.

Analysts Say Bitcoin Breakout Imminent: Silver-like Suppression, $5 Trillion in Cash Could Flow Into...

A number of venture capitalists and macro investors believe bitcoin’s price will break out soon following suit with gold’s recent climactic rise. Dan Tapeiro,...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Quiet at $9.3K While DeFi Gets Loud

Most markets are quiet while activity seems to be increasing on Ethereum’s DeFi network - which could help explain ether’s outperformance of bitcoin in...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Flat at $9.4K but Investors Are Holding On

There is little to no excitement in the markets today with bitcoin staying steady, which has been the case for its overall price performance...

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