Witnesses Will Vouch for Stablecoins, Digital Dollars in US Senate Hearing Tuesday

Witnesses will discuss stablecoins and tokenized dollars during Tuesday's Senate Banking hearing on the digitization of money.

US Fed Chair Says Private Entities Should Not Help Design Central Bank Digital Currencies

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said central banks should design and implement CBDCs, not private entities.

US Financial Services Committee Hearing Discussed the Creation of a ‘Digital Dollar’

On June 11, 2020, the United States Congress Financial Services Committee held a remote hearing about the creation of a “digital dollar.” A number...

Digital Dollar? Get Real, Financial Inclusion Advocates Tell Congress

Currently just a flashy idea, the digital dollar is competing with duller but proven methods for the job of getting stimulus funds to every...

WATCH: US Lawmakers Will Talk Digital Dollar, FedAccounts in Thursday Hearing

The “digital dollar” concept will take the spotlight Thursday as House Financial Services Committee members discuss how best to issue stimulus funds.

Digital Dollars Give the State Too Much Control Over Money

Arming the Federal Reserve with a digital dollar would harm the free market, says Max Raskin, an NYU adjunct professor of law.

“Digital Dollar” Back in Focus in U.S. Amid New Stimulus Talks

Led by tokens like USDT, USDC, and the Dai, Ethereum’s stablecoin sector just had its best quarter yet in Q1 2020 as the market...

How Blockchain Tech Can Make Coronavirus Relief More Effective

Smart contracts and distributed ledgers can bring accountability and certainty to coronavirus relief efforts, says economist Stephanie Hurder.

BIS Researchers Say Coronavirus Could Spur Central Banks to Adopt Digital Payments

BIS researchers think COVID-19 may accelerate the adoption of digital payments and sharpen the debate over central bank digital currencies.

How Central Banks Could Use Digital Cash to Deliver Universal Basic Income

Central banks are well placed to deliver regular, no-questions-asked monthly payments to everyone, and to manage any ensuing inflation.

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