Bitcoin and XRP Beware? Industry Reacts to JP Morgan ‘JPM Coin’ Crypto Announcement

After first calling Bitcoin a fraud in 2017, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon later said he regretted the statement in 2018. Now his...

JP Morgan Launches Pale Imitation of the “Fraud” that is Bitcoin

Multinational investment bank JP Morgan has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency of sorts. The so-called JPM Coin will bring some of...

Stablecoins Dominate Currency Pairings for Leading Crypto Assets

Amidst the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market, stablecoins have continued to gain prominence, with USDT currently comprising the dominant pairing for three of the four...

Cryptocurrency Criminals Use PUBG to Orchestrate $2.47M Hack

A group of online criminals from Turkey have been detained by local authorities on suspicion of hacking a domestic cryptocurrency company. Those behind the security...

Ripple, Barclays Accelerator Back $1.7 Million Round for Remittance Firm

Barclays' accelerator program, Ripple and others have backed a $1.7 million round for a new remittance startup that will use XRP.

Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP Accepted for $5.5 Million Events Venue

The seller of a $5.5 million property in Carbonear, Canada, is willing to accept payment in any one of 28 fiat currencies or three...

Ripple Offered Multimillion-Dollar XRP Bonuses to Lure Top Tech Talent

Ripple may be offering XRP bonuses worth up to $6 million in a bid to attract engineering talent.

Cory Johnson Out As Ripple’s Chief Market Strategist

Ripple's chief market strategist, Cory Johnson, is no longer with the company, the startup confirmed Monday.

Heavy Borrowers and Near-Failed States Likely to Drive Hyperbitcoinization

A CIA World Factbook entry listing nations’ current account balances shows that big economies and near-failed states share something in common – massive debt....

Analysts Expect Crypto Markets to Continue Climbing After Yesterday’s Surge

Yesterday was an incredibly positive day for the crypto markets, as many cryptocurrencies were able to erase several weeks of losses in a matter...

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