Coinbase Broke Traffic Records and Saw Massive Volume During Market Collapse

Coinbase reported record site traffic and a massive surge in 24-hour trading volume during last week’s coronavirus-driven market swings.

Traders Finding More Arbitrage Opportunities in Bitcoin

Prices in the crypto market are seeing such a steep upward trend that arbitrage traders are able to trade between exchanges to easily capture...

As Govt. Defends U.S. Economy: Coinbase Exec Departs to Steer Banking System

As the U.S. Treasury — which manages the revenues and minting duties of the American government — has kicked off emergency efforts to save...

Hawaii Hints It May Relax Onerous Rule to Lure Crypto Firms

Hawaiian regulators have launched a digital currency sandbox that waives the state’s infamous double-reserve requirement for participating crypto firms.

If You Don’t Trust Yourself, These Crypto Vaults Will Help You Hodl Safely

Hodling in difficult times has historically proven to be a long-term winning strategy. Keeping your cryptocurrency in your own cold storage is by default...

Bitcoin Volume Gains Traction After 24-Hour Roller-Coaster Ride

Bitcoin prices have been on a roller-coaster ride since Sunday afternoon after the Federal Reserve slashed rates a full percentage point and promised to...

50 Companies Back New Cryptocurrency Project Competing With Facebook’s Libra

Some members of the Libra Association are now backing a rival project called Celo, which has its own blockchain and cryptocurrency. Over 50 major...

Bitcoin Ekes Out Gains but Remains in Red Amid Broader Market Rebound

Bitcoin has recovered slightly from Thursday’s brutal selloff as global financial markets creep back into the green.

Here’s Another, Surprising Reason Why Crypto Prices Fell – Derivatives

The traditional markets' recent sell-off drove cryptocurrency prices down, but the way it did so was more complicated than even many of the most...

Bitcoin Remains Steady Amid Weaker Volume

Bitcoin remains steady, with its 24-hour price in the $8,600-$8,800 range.

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