Should DEXs Be Worried After BitMEX? DeFi Founders Weigh In

The sudden takedown of crypto exchange BitMEX has cast a new light on Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) markets.

Tassat Regains CFTC ‘No-Action’ Relief Ahead of Eventual Bitcoin Swaps Contract Listing

Tassat blamed COVID-19 and leadership changes for its long-delayed bitcoin derivatives contract listing.

CFTC Seeks Industry Advice on Blockchain Applications

The commission’s technology advisory committee made several presentations on various blockchain applications including CBDCs and digital tokens during a four-hour-long remote meeting last Thursday.

CFTC Chairman: US Must Lead the World in Crypto With Less Restrictive Rules

The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has called on other regulators to establish a framework for sound crypto regulation. He believes...

US Financial Services Committee Hearing Discussed the Creation of a ‘Digital Dollar’

On June 11, 2020, the United States Congress Financial Services Committee held a remote hearing about the creation of a “digital dollar.” A number...

CFTC Claims ‘Massive Fraudulent’ Scheme Defrauded Investors of $20M

The CFTC alleged three individuals and affiliated entities defrauded crypto and binary options investors out of $20 million over 5 years.

CFTC Approves Bitnomial to Offer Futures Contracts Settled in Real Bitcoin

The CFTC has approved Bitnomial Exchange to offer margined bitcoin futures and options contracts.

CFTC Charges Florida Resident With Defrauding Crypto Investors Out of $1.6M

The CFTC alleged Florida resident Alan Friedland defrauded investors out of $1.6 million, promising returns through his “Compcoin” token and an algorithmic trading software...

The CFTC Just Defined What ‘Actual Delivery’ of Crypto Should Look Like

The CFTC created formal guidance for when one party has “delivered” crypto assets to another, settling a long-standing question around the issue.

Court Rejects Ripple’s Bid to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Filed by XRP Investors

A court case that has the future of XRP at stake continues after Ripple’s motion to dismiss it was rejected by a court in...

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