BCH Developer Unveils Xthinner Scaling Protocol – Claims to Compress Blocks by 99%

On Sunday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Jonathan Toomim unveiled a project he’s been working on called Xthinner, a new block propagation protocol that leverages...

Tron Can’t Handle Bittorrent’s Transaction Volume, Former Exec Claims

Simon Morris, who was Bittorrent’s chief strategy officer until July 2018, has expressed his doubts about the capability of the Tron blockchain to process...

BitTorrent’s Master Plan to Bring a Tron-Powered Crypto Token to the Masses

BitTorrent has the user base, Tron has the crypto. The new BitTorrent Token (BTT) white paper explores ways to marry the two.

BitTorrent to Launch Own Cryptocurrency On TRON Platform

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer platform purchased by TRON’s Justin Sun earlier last year, is reportedly planning its own cryptocurrency. Based in Singapore, the company is...

Tron Price Analysis: TRX Well Positioned for 4 Cents, BitTorrent Tokenize

Latest Tron News Stellar and Tron Twitter armies may be feuding, but the truth is that these two platforms have different objectives. Like we have mentioned...

BitTorrent to Launch Own Cryptocurrency on the Tron Network

The popular peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent has announced that it will be creating its own cryptocurrency using the Tron network. Amongst other use...

BitTorrent Is Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency on the Tron Network

To incentivize file-sharing, BitTorrent is creating a cryptocurrency token on the Tron protocol.

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