Coinigy is an all-in-one trading platform that aims to simplify the process of tracking and trading a wide selection of coins that can be found on multiple exchanges.

Coinigy incorporates a range of features that do away with much of the complexity associated with managing cryptocurrency portfolios, and combines many of the tools found on differing exchanges into one easy to use platform.

Comprehensive charting, price alerts, app integration, and the ability to trade from exchange accounts linked via API are all part of the service offered by Coinigy, and traders can skip having to log in and out of multiple exchanges in order to manage their holdings.

Aimed at both newer and more experienced traders, the platform is aiming to become a one stop solution for active cryptocurrency traders.

Coinigy Review

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Coinigy Overview

Coinigy, Inc. is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and was founded in May, 2014 by current CEO Robert Borden, and President William Kehl. The company is one of the more transparent operations in the crypto sector and retains the following address: 310 E Buffalo St, Suite 120, Milwaukee, WI 53202. In addition, the team has raised approximately $500K in funding over two rounds, with the last seed round commencing in July 2016.

This has allowed them to focus on building an all-in-one digital currency trading platform which allows users to trade on over 12 top exchanges securely from their account.

Coinigy actually connects to over 40 exchanges and 4000 different markets and currency pairs by API and incorporates live exchange rates, data visualization, and direct blockchain analysis. The platform also incorporates charts by TradingView and provides a desktop or mobile app, and various in browser apps.

Users are able to take advantage of a free 30 day trial period, and monthly subscriptions range from $18.66 to $99.99 a month. The team aim to provide a secure, easy to use trading platform that grants easy access to popular exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Kraken, and Poloniex.

Key Features

  • Functionality – Coinigy operates as a web based platform, and incorporates an intuitive interface and UI designed to appeal to traders of all skill levels. The platform allows for constant portfolio monitoring, advanced charting, and in account trading via API integration. Users can also manage their accounts via the mobile app available for both iOS and Android.
  • Range of Tools – The platform includes over 70 technical indicators and is supported by a real time API that allows users to benefit from live data feeds. As a result, Coinigy incorporates extensive charting, live exchange rates, high frequency trading tools, and a number of web, desktop, and mobile apps including the CryptoTicker, and ArbMatrix apps, as well as a Google Datasheet plug-in. SMS, email, and in-browser price alerts are also available when using the platform.
  • Exchange Integration – Coinigy connects to approximately 40 leading exchanges and allows users to track over 4000 different trading pairs and coins. In addition to monitoring balances, and engaging in comprehensive charting, users can also trade directly from their accounts via API integration with exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, CCEx,, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, Poloniex, and Vaultoro.
  • Technology – Coinigy is hosted globally on Google’s datacenters, and also makes use of the SocketCluster framework for apps and micro services. The platform grants instant access to real-time APIs and historical data, with live data being powered by the Coinigy CryptoFeed. In addition, all user data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and every request on Coinigy goes through a verified and secure (ORG) SSL.
  • Customer Support – Users are well served and can contact the team around the clock by submitting a request in the Support Section, or by engaging in a live chat from inside their accounts. The head office can be contacted on +1.414.301.2289 and the team are also active on social media and maintain an active Twitter account, and Facebook The team also provide an FAQ page as part of Support section, and video resources via their YouTube channel. Users can also keep themselves updated by following the official blog.

How to Get Started on Coinigy

The Coinigy website allows you to register an account by clicking “Sign Up” located at the top right of the page.

1) Create an Account

You can sign up by entering your email address, password, and password conformation.

After confirming your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email, you will be asked to login to gain access to your account.

2) Link Exchange Accounts

You can link your compatible exchange account by clicking the “Accounts” button at the top of the page. This will allow you to choose from a range of exchanges and connect your accounts to Coinigy via API.

From here you can click on the “Add New Exchange Account” button in order to select your preferred exchanges.

After selecting your chosen exchange, you will need to enter your API key information and then press “Confirm”.

You can also elect to track any of your wallet addresses and you simply need to add the public address key in order to get going.

3) Start Tracking and Trading Cryptocurrencies

From here you can navigate the Coinigy dashboard and begin to chart and track over 4000 different trading pairs and coins on over 40 compatible exchanges.

Coinigy Pricing

Coinigy incorporates three different account options which include a 30 day free trial, and move onto the Pro Trader subscription which costs $18.66 per month, and the API Developer Pro option which includes a full set of features and costs $99.99 per month.

Each account option provides access to unlimited, no-added-fee trading, around the clock portfolio management, high definition charting, as well as mobile app use.

Anyone committing to a paid plan can look forward to unlimited API accounts, and chart layouts, advanced order types, and unlimited session length. The ArbMatrix app which helps traders to take advantage of differing prices between exchanges is also included. The three price plans are as follows:

30 Day Trial: Free

  • Unlimited, No-Added-Fee Trading
  • 24/7 Portfolio Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • High-Definition Charting
  • 75+ Technical Indicators
  • 24/7/365 Security & Stability
  • Limited API Accounts
  • Limited Chart Layouts
  • E-mail Support
  • * Limited Session Length

Pro Trader: $18.66 per month when purchased annually

  • Unlimited, No-Added-Fee Trading
  • 24/7 Portfolio Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • High-Definition Charting
  • 75+ Technical Indicators
  • 24/7/365 Security & Stability
  • Unlimited API Accounts
  • Unlimited Chart Layouts
  • Advanced Order Types
  • E-mail Support
  • ArbMatrix App,
    Unlimited Session Length

API Developer Pro: $99.99 per month

  • Coinigy CryptoFeed™ & Enterprise API Access
  • Unlimited, No-Added-Fee Trading
  • 24/7 Portfolio Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • High-Definition Charting
  • 75+ Technical Indicators
  • 24/7/365 Security & Stability
  • Unlimited API Accounts
  • Unlimited Chart Layouts
  • Advanced Order Types
  • Priority Support
  • ArbMatrix App,
  • Unlimited Session Length

Coinigy vs TradingView

A lot of people have compared Coinigy to TradingView, while there are some similarities there are also marked differences. Here is a quick run down of the differences between the two platforms, as you can see Coinigy is heavily more favourable to crypto-only traders where TradingView is more suitable for other types of traditional finance assets.

Coinigy TradingView
  • Cryptocurrency Only
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Currencies
  • Covers all Cryptocurrencies
  • Only Popular Coins
  • Connects to Most Crypto Exchanges
  • 3 Exchanges
  • No Simulator
  • Simulator for Testing

How Beginner Friendly is Coinigy?

Despite being designed to simplify the process of trading cryptocurrencies and managing portfolios, Coinigy does come with a slight learning curve. The comprehensive feature set may be confusing to newer traders and as a result, there are a large amount of resources aimed at walking beginners through the platform.

The Support section contains numerous guides to using the platform, understanding the layout, and using the charts, while the official YouTube channel also contains a number of videos that help beginners to navigate the platform and after going through the guides most users should begin to feel comfortable navigating the platform and making use of Coinigy’s standard price candle (OHLC) charts.

In addition, as Coinigy operates as a paid subscription service, the company also offers a 30 day free trial which allows any interested parties to test the platform’s core features and get a feel for tits overall suitability and potential usefulness.

This often proves to be particularly handy for anyone learning the ropes or looking to make a step up from relying on the charts and technical analysis indicators provided by various exchanges.

Coinigy may prove to be slightly expensive for anyone new to crypto trading that may not yet be able to make the most of the features offered by either of the paid plans. However, the ability to consolidate all your exchange accounts into one medium and to make use of the industry leading charts and trading tools provided by TradingView are definite pluses.

In addition, Coinigy stands out by allowing users to set stop-loss and take profit limit orders from inside their accounts, which is something not found on all crypto exchanges.

Is Coinigy Safe?

It’s important to remember that Coinigy never actually handles your funds directly, and connects to your exchange accounts via API. As a result, all user funds remain stored in the respective exchange wallets. Despite this, the team at Coinigy take security seriously and employ an extensive set of protocols aimed at maximizing the platform’s security.

These include using a multi-tiered server architecture with complex credentials to ensure server integrity, making use of DNS-level DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, and ensuring that systems are audited regularly and always up-to-date with the latest in security fixes.

In addition, Coinigy is hosted in Google’s datacenters and the team have amassed significant experience in web security and best practices.

On top of all this, accounts are secured as Coinigy supports complex passwords of up to 40 characters, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) Authentication is also available. This free, offline service doesn’t use any third-party servers, while Universal Second Factor (U2F) Authentication is also supported.

Regardless of the type, (TOTP or U2F), two-factor authentication is required to enable trading through your account, and Coinigy also supports any FIDO-compatible device such as the Yubikey or Trezor to secure user accounts. The team also employ Heuristic algorithms to monitor account activity, and make sure to protect accounts from malicious actors. All login attempts are logged and time stamped by IP address and user agent, and authentication e-mails are automatically sent out by default.

Failed logins can result in account lockouts and IP bans for a set period, and account lockdown links are included in every transactional e-mail that allows users to disengage all of their API keys. This action also requires a password reset and closes out any active sessions.

Sessions can also be terminated and accounts locked down if Coinigy’s algorithms detect unusual account activity and flag the account as requiring immediate action.

The team are also committed to protecting their customers’ personal information, and fully document their privacy policy. They aim to remain compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and all user data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption while sensitive user data is never returned to the client. Furthermore, every request on Coinigy goes through a verified and secure (ORG) SSL.

Coinigy Pros & Cons


  • Solid Reputation
  • Comprehensive Charts with over 75 Technical Indicators
  • Enterprise Grade Security Protocols
  • Mobile App and 3rd Party App Integration
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Live Chat


  • Higher Learning Curve
  • Significant Commitment for Beginners
  • Expensive for Low Activity Traders


Coinigy allows traders to consolidate the majority of their activities and link their account with other 40 leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform allows users to take advantage of a comprehensive range of features including an intuitive UI, extensive charts and technical analysis tools, and stops users from having to jump in and out of various cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

The project is one of the more transparent in the industry and aims to provide a secure, efficient service that relies on low-latency data feeds and cutting edge API integration.

Additional features such as email and SMS price alerts, a mobile app, and apps like the CryptoTicker, ArbMatrix and Google Datasheet make Coinigy a solid choice for people who know what they are looking for. However, the comprehensive feature set means that beginners must spend time getting used to the platform and ride out the initial learning curve. Furthermore, at $18.66 and $99.99 per month, the paid plans may prove to be too expensive for anyone still learning to lock in consistent profits from their trading activities.

The team go a long way to try and alleviate these concerns and provide access to an extensive amount of research materials regarding trading and investing, and they also provide a 30 day free trial which allows anyone curious about the service on offer to sign up and get an idea of what Coinigy is about.

At the end of the day, Coinigy is a solid choice for active traders, and acts as an all in one platform that combines a host of features into one medium. Users can connect their accounts to approximately 40 leading exchanges and track over 4000 different trading pairs and coins, as well as trade directly via API integration with exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex.

The platform may not suit anyone with a “buy and hold” approach as the extensive range of features are aimed at highly active traders who keep a watchful eye on their portfolios. Anyone interested in using a “one stop shop” trading platform should make use of the 30 day free trial before deciding whether to commit to one of the paid subscription plans.

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